Thursday, January 9, 2014

Arsenal Socks and Scarf

 You may have already spied this scarf in my post on Monday about giving handmade gifts, but let me tell you, this set needs a post of its own. Because reasons.

My cousin (who is 13 years old and incredibly fancy) requested socks for Christmas. Handmade socks, even. A boy after my own heart! I was more than happy to oblige. After some reconnaissance, I discovered that the colors he requested for the socks were the colors of a certain London soccer team known as Arsenal. High class, this kid.

Since scarves are winners in the world of soccer swag, I decided I'd make him a scarf to go with the socks. I ordered the yarn from KnitPicks and got ready to rock.

"Make the scarf first," I said to myself, "It'll take longer"

 What do they always say? Best laid plans of mice and men? Yeah. Well...the scarf did take longer. So much longer that I finished it two days before Christmas and had to do an I.O.U. note about the socks. Opppps.
 But, I think, they are worth the wait!! They are washable thanks to KnitPicks' awesome selection of sock yarn, and they are everything I imagined they would be. I have forbade myself to try them on, because I do not want to know that they also fit me. Because I may keep them. Sooooccckkkssss.
 The heel is a No Wrap No Gap heel from this tutorial. I was told it would be soooo easy, and it looked like it would on the first read-through. Then, while attempting to knit it, I forgot how to math and had to restart a few times. Then the baby stole all my focus so I had to write out the entire pattern and mark off rows when I finished them. But, I am pleased with the outcome! And I will certainly make heels with this method again.
While setting up this photo I went a little nuts when the book matched perfectly to the colors of the socks. I feel so pro.
Texture, yo
 The toe is a star toe. Is that what they are called, for real? I read the name in a sock book once, and it seemed legit. I just evenly spaced the decreases over several rounds. Star toe sounds magical. So it's a star toe, at least in my book.
Hipsteeerrrr. It had to be done. I regret nothing.

I really need to make myself some socks. It's been so cold here!! -30's is not okay. Not okay at all.

Happy Thursday!!

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