Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Item: Made-to-Order 12th Doctor Plush

I am happy to announce a fun new item has been added to the shop!! Made-To-Order plush of the 12th Doctor! Complete with removable jacket and vest. Originally, I made this plush as a custom order and wrote out the pattern to allow myself to recreate this cuteness. So now, you can order your very own 12th Doctor plush! Check out the listing in Last in Line Shop on Etsy for all the wonderful details.

Feeling crafty and want to try your hand at making your very own Time Lord? The pattern is currently in the testing phase and should be available for instant download through my Etsy shop in a few weeks.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hexipuffs: A Dangerous Addiction

Another thrift score: my $2 blue vase for hexipuffs

My dear friend +Kait Murphy introduced me to Hexipuffs right before we moved out here. I did not have any time to start a new project. After settling in for a couple days and completing another, larger project, I decided it would be fair to give these little puffs a try. Kait and I had agreed to do a puff-for-square trade to help both of us make progress on our respective blankets.

Little did I know when embarking on this adventure, how quickly I'd become obsessed with it.

 The puffs are super cute, super easy, and super instantly gratifying. I know quite a few people are on the hexipuff bandwagon. There are whole Ravelry groups dedicated to these lil pillows. Kait is working towards eventually making a Beekeeper's Quilt with all her puffs. I admire her courage, though I could never rival it. I have far too many unfinished blankets in my UFO pile to start a slightly insane one such as this.

But they are fun to play with. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our New Adventure & Apartment Thrift Scores

My dropping off the face of the internet was a bit abrupt, but I cannot bring myself to apologize for it considering all the awesome adventures in real life I've been having with Sailor as we explore our new home. I can, however, try and make it up to you who read this blog with some scenic photos and a peek at our apartment. 

As you may have gathered, we moved Out West. It is quite astounding to my silly Midwestern, flatlander brain to wake up every morning an see MOUNTAINS OUT MY WINDOW. Those of you who live in the mountains may scoff at my amazement, but I cannot help it. If you have lived in Illinois or Wisconsin for any amount of time, you understand the meaning of flat. You can see for miles in each direction. Here the only way I can achieve that is to drive up a mountain. Like, an actual mountain. With snow and stuff at the top. Like....MOUNTAIN.

 Sorry, I'm not sorry for being a tourist. Haha.

My yarn looks so cute all rainbow-ed out on the shelf. I sometimes leave the closet door opened so I can admire it when I walk by. Hahahaaaa.

Since you listened so well to my brief rant about mountains and elevation and my general amusement with geography, here's a little look at our cozy abode.

We moved out here via airplane with four 20"x20" boxes,  one large suitcase, and two carry-ons. Most of my family thought we were absolutely nuts doing this, but can I tell you, it was such a relaxing move. No insane unpacking once we got here! No moving truck to unload!! Just opening the boxes and setting stuff on shelves.

So. Liberating.

I mean, yes, we didn't have a fully equipped kitchen on Day 1. And yeah, we are still missing major pieces of furniture. But being able to just take the essentials on this move really made me realize how much excess stuff we have in our storage unit back in the Midwest. How little it takes to get by and still be comfortable. Quite enjoyable, I think.

So, since we didn't bring any furniture with us (besides the boxes themselves, which have proven to be highly versatile as dining tables, end tables, night stands, and tv stands thus far) we've been hunting around for good deals every chance we get.

Our first priority was a bed, which we bought new the first day. Next, we scored two kitchen chairs for $6/each at the thrift shop. A week later, we got a somewhat matching table for $30 and a very heavy, very boxy TV for $15. Sailor brought his Xbox along, so we've been able to watch some movies on our "ancient" television.

Side note: that table barely fit in our car, even with the legs off. We are convinced that things look smaller in the store. There must be a perception filter or something weird like that. 

As you may notice, we don't have a couch yet. Since we got a nice TV stand thingy (for $15!! YES!!) and have moved the TV from its bedroom perch on a box to it's new position in the living room, I've been getting a bit creative with sitting options. Above is a demonstration of my use of a pool floaty and a crib pad (from the adorable bedding set my mother-in-law sent us for the baby) to make a base on which I pile all the pillows and blankets to make a sort of poof nest. My sister and I used to "make nests" when we were kids, and it seems that the skills are still proving to be useful. 

Our TV and our TV stand. Note the tractors displayed on the top shelf.
 As much as Sailor tries to make me wait a bit until we get the couch before going completely nuts with decorating and "floofing" the apartment, I could not resist these little candle holders. They are just too cute, right? And for $2/each, I didn't break the bank. You cannot deny the nesting instinct!! It's strong!!

There is so much to do and so much to explore out here, it's easy to neglect furnishing the apartment for a while. Maybe in a week or so I'll have more progress pictures to show as far as the apartment goes, but for now, I am just so content with relaxing, meeting new friends, and rambling around this uncharted territory.