Friday, January 10, 2014

Luna Lovegood Scarf: Free Pattern by Jen Valure on Ravlery

Aww, yeah. Luna as in Luna Lovegood, folks. I made this scarf for my Grandma for Christmas. Please note, she is not a Luna Lovegood fan, nor Harry Potter fan at all. The fact that this is an "accessory from a movie that some cool people figured out the pattern for" held no weight in my decision to make this pattern for her. Well, maybe it held a little weight, because it made me smile. But other than that, it was selected on a purely aesthetic basis.

That said, how beautiful is this scarf?? While anguishing over what to make my Grandmother for Christmas, I happened upon this lovely lil thang. I wanted to crochet her something that was not only beautiful, but also warm. I selected a lovely brushed wool for the scarf because it not only has a gorgeous fibery halo, but it is also oh-so cozy.

 The pattern, which can be found here, worked up really fast with stunning results. That is what makes me love crochet work. I've been cheating on it a lot as of late with it's two-needled cousin, and if felt really nice to pick up a hook again. The first love is always the deepest, right? Yeah?
The fibery halo I was talking about earlier. Mhhhhh. Wool.

I think I may even make myself one using this pattern. But perhaps as an infinity scarf? That could take some fiddling, but it'd be worth it.

Holla at me, Luna fans!!

Happy Friday home dogs!

Pattern (c) Jen Valure

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