Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fiber Field Trip: Ewetopia Fiber Shop in Viroqua, WI

Photo (c) Ewetopia Fiber Shop
 Finally!! A fiber field trip to one of the shops a bit closer to home!! I am pleased to introduce you to Ewetopia Fiber Shop. This place is one of my most favorite local yarn shops in the driftless region of Wisconsin. Nestled in the historic streets of Viroqua, this shop has a lot to offer: local wool, classes, spinning supplies, dying supplies, and of course, more yarn than you can shake a needle at. Ready to learn more? Well, wipe the drool off your face and read on, fiber freak.

 When Sailor and I first moved to this area almost a year ago, I cracked opened my outdated-even-then Fiber Field Guide from 2010 to scope out the yarn scene. I did some google checks to make sure the shops were still opened and got ready to hit dem up. Ewetopia was one of the latter ones on that list, but let me tell you, it is one of my favorites.

I have made many trips out to this shop and have loved every one. Ewetopia has been opened since 2007 and is run by three generations of women from one family. I love that! It was opened by Kathryn during her senior year of college. Her mother and grandmother help out in the shop. Ewetopia even has a farm in the area where they raise their own cattle, horses, and (you guessed it) sheep. They produce wool and roving to be sold in the shop and even dye and spin some of it to make the most delicious local yarns. Too cool right? Right.

 Because stocking high class yarns, producing their own yarn, running a store and a farm isn't enough, Kathryn also designs and writes stunning knitting patterns. You can find the patterns online as well as in the shop. Her creations are stunning and inspiring. Perfection.

 Ewetopia even offers a large selection of spinning supplies. I bought my spinning wheel here! They were so nice and helpful. I was even allowed to play around with the wheel for almost an hour in the store before I decided to buy it! Amazing.
They always have the cutest displays in their windows
So there you have it. If you are even in the area, I recommend checking out his bea-ewe-tiful shop. You will not be let down, I promise.

Happy field-tripping!!

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