Thursday, December 12, 2013

Being a Big Girl Blogger

I have had blogs since I was a freshman in High School. Scratch that. I had a Xanga account when I was in middle school back in 2004 or 2005. So, blogging and whatnot is not a new trick for me. I love writing and talking and meeting new people, so I jumped on the bandwagon early. It's a great outlet for me to do the things I love!

That said, I am by noooo means a blogging expert. As a matter of fact, I'm a total noob when it comes to maintaining a fun, fresh, professional crafty blog. I have peeked back at some of my old blog posts on other platforms and gone, "Yikes. What a whiny, unprofessional twirp! Uuugggh. That was me."

Insert face-palm here.

So I decided that I needed to start seriously addressing my past blogging fails. I got out my planner.

Seriously, this is so stupid simple I don't know why I didn't do it before. I use this planner to write out meal plans for the week anyways, so I just started writing plans for upcoming blog posts as well. Hello sanity!! Hello organization!! Hello getting more posts out in a timely manner!!

One of the main problems of my old blogs was the lack of exciting content. I'd post updates about whatever craft project I was doing, maybe about my mood that day, and call it good. Uhm....okay, that was fine...but there was nothing else. All the blogs I enjoy to read may have a specific topic they work off of, but they also post about other things. Interesting things! Things I want to read!

I thought, gee....why don't I do that, too?

Rocket science. I tell you.

Speaking of quality posts... I started looking at what my favorite bloggers do.

Again, this should have been so obvious to me. But the best way to learn about something is to examine the practices put to use by experts. What do the best bloggers do? What don't they do? I started really looking at my favorite blogs and taking note of the things I like about them.

As follows is a short list of my blogging idols and a few reasons why I love what they no particular order:

Roo writes such funky-fresh awesome-tastic posts. I can't get enough. The products she features in her sponsored posts are all kinds of awesome. Her take on parenting, her Christian values, and sass are incredibly relatable to me. She is so professional while still being 90's gangsta that it's scary. I love it, and it gives me hope for my highly-unprofessional sassiness.

Little Miss Momma
I have only just started reading this blog, and I already love it. Her site has beautifully streamlined navigation, colorful photos, and her 'voice' of her writing is fantastic. She just did a post about her family's Christmas decor. Buuhhh. I want to be her best friend.

Future Girl
This girl. Just. This girl. Her posts are fun, her crafts are dope, and she wrote her own blogging platform. Love it. She is super accomplished, and incredibly clever. She has been writing her blog for eight years. It is really insightful to be able to view the journey she has gone on through her blog. Inspiration!!

What bloggers inspire you?

An unrelated Arlo photo!!


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    1. @w@ Do IIIIII?
      -glitter splosion-

      Because for reals, everything you do inspires the heck outta me.

  2. Hi Carolyn, I found you through the Pinworthy Projects link up. First, I have to say BUNNIES!, I just love them. They make awesome pets. I miss mine but will be adopting a new one soon.
    I just started using a blog planner/calendar thing too and it really does help with the sanity. I really enjoyed your post and you've got some great ideas too. Thanks for sharing. Your newest follower :)

    1. Well thank you so much Meg!! I'm glad my silly musings were helpful to you!! And yes. I loooveee my bunny. Arlo is such a cutie. He just drives me nuts because he won't use the outside-of-his-cage litter box no matter where I put it. He's pooping in one corner? I put it there. He picks a different place. DAT RABBIT. :P But, he's so have to forgive him, right? XD