Friday, December 13, 2013

Did she say CHOCOLATE?


Sometimes the most interesting places are tucked right in front of you. You just have to look! On Tuesday, Mr. Sailor had the morning off. I had to drop off a hat I made for someone at a local coffee shop I have never been to. I love coffee, if you don't know, so I was excited to explore a new coffee shop. However, we discovered something way cooler than the coffee shop.

Next door to the shop, there was an unassuming place with a name that made me go, "whoa."

Wholesale Candy Outlet.

Of course, I had to twist Sailor's arm REALLY HARD to get him to go in. Just kidding, he almost beat me to the door. Just kidding, I tripped him so I could get there first. Just kidding, that's mean.

The point is, we went in. And I'm so glad we did! The place specializes in distributing fine chocolates to local sellers. The owner (who we met) travels all over the US and world to sample specialty sweets. They even make some of their own chocolates and all their fudge in house. Awesome!!

We chatted with the owner while browsing their selection. It turns out, his family is from the same small town that our families are from! What a small world.

In the end, I could not resist getting some chocolate. We got two Belgium truffles and scarfed them right away. The two chocolate bars we got actually made it home.

This milk chocolate is made in the US but tastes like the most fahahahaaaancy imported candy I've ever had. It was buttery, smooth, and had a depth of flavor I have never tasted in a milk chocolate. The label did not list any gluten-containing ingredients, but if you are really really sensitive to gluten, I would call the company.

This mini bar did not have any ingredients listed on it, but I felt fairly confidant that it would be okay. It was a dark chocolate bitter-bar with coffee flavoring. Ohmylanta guys. It was like a nice dark roast cuppa joe married cocoa. Loved it. So did Sailor!

Because I love Spongebob. No regrets.
Stay sweet guys!


  1. I hope that you did some Christmas shopping there. Hint, Hint

  2. Hehe, I'm going to this week! ;)