Monday, April 13, 2015

Real fast: Some One of a Kind Project Bags

If you watched Chain 344's first episode last week you know that I had a crazy weekend this past weekend Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop'ing. It was insane, and sosososo fun. But I'm going to spare you the details until Ch344 Episode 2 goes live, because we'll pretty much break it all down on there for ya.

Today I'm spending the day recovering.

Doing laundry, dishes, and some odds and ends that seem to have gotten forgotten in the anticipation of the Shop Hop. One of those odds and ends: posting these lovely bags on Etsy!

I've been kind of addicted to making these project bags. No two are alike! They all feature weird, wild, funky, thrifted fabrics. Well, not all the fabric is thrifted, but both of these bags have thrifty stuffs making up their parts!

Just going to leave these here for you to oogle over while I dash away to switch the laundry and do my other "real life" stuff. Be prepared for more bags! They're a-coming!

You can purchase one of these at LastinLineShop on Etsy.

Happy Monday, home dogs!!

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