Monday, April 6, 2015

Chain 344: a New Weekly Podcast

Three days ago, my friend Kait messaged me on Facebook. We chat frequently, so this was not crazy. She mentioned that she had been watching a lot of knitting podcasts lately. She sent me a link to one she had been watching and I was kind of entranced. Watching some stranger talk about their projects for 45 minutes? I loved it. Why had I never watched a knitting podcast before???

"WE COULD MAKE ONE." I messaged Kait, enthralled in the moment.

Being the amazing go-getter she is, Kait was like, "DUDE YES."

So we did! After a bit of trial and error and some technical difficulty, here is the flagship episode of Chain 344, our knitting/crafting podcast.

What's the story with the name? Well. We had two names we decided we loved, and right before we started filming we did the super adult thing and flipped a coin and ended up with Chain 344. We live three hundred forty-four miles apart, so the distance between us is a chain of 344 miles. Of friendship and love. Cute and giggly.

So enjoy! Our first episode of Chain 344. Look for a fun update after our adventure at the Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop this weekend!!

Happy Monday!!

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