Monday, November 10, 2014

New Pattern: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Last week was very rough. I am quite excited to move forward from all the cold and sickness with a cute fun announcement today: there's a new pattern in the shop!! I'd like to introduce you to the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. They are quite elusive, so you are lucky to be seeing one right here on my blog!

This idea started back when my sis in law was visiting us out here. In all our travels and adventures, she was very bent on seeing a Bighorn. Unfortunately, we did not spot hide nor hair of any type of sheep on our travels. She suggested that I crochet us some Bighorns to soothe the sting of not seeing one in real life. 

Fast forward a few months, and it's her birthday! I decided to actually get to work and make a RMBH and ship it off to my sis in law. Despite the fact that he was a very very late birthday gift, I was quite pleased with the outcome. Innit he ca-uuuuteee??

 I have decided that I ought to make him some cousins. If you are a hunter and you hunt all four of the North American Sheep breeds (Dall sheep, Stone sheep, Bighorn, and Desert Bighorn) it is considered a Grand Slam. Since I don't intend to do any major sheep hunting any time soon, a crocheted Grand Slam is much more in tune with my skill set. I plan to get at it after the craziness of the Christmas season passes.

Until then, you can get started making herds of RMBH sheeps using my pattern. The pattern is available for instant download via Last in Line Shop for $5. The pattern is quite easy, if I do say so myself, which means you've really got yourself an instant sheepification type of deal here. What could be better?

Well, one thing could be better: a grumpy baby to snuggle with your sheep! But hey, you aren't all lucky enough to have the cutest, most bestest little photogenic babu hanging out at home. (Warning: insane amounts a parental bias, here) 

Mr. E was not too pleased that I had to take his new friend from him so soon. But hey! That just means I have to make him one, too.

Happy Monday!!

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