Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Conversation Between Workers: KCBWDAY4

"Psst. Hey. Bluey. Hey!"

"What, J Hook. What do you want?"

"Hey, I think she's writing something. A new pattern maybe."

"Who do ya think she'll pick??"

"-grumbling- I don't know. Probably H Boye."

"Hrmph. Ya think?"

"She always picks H Boye."

"That no good H. Always stealin' the glory and whatnot."

"They have a history, her and that hook."

"Still. Doesn't mean she couldn't use- SHH. She's coming!!"

"-whispering- I toldjya!!"

"Shadup she'll here you!!"

"Oh. Yeah."


"Well now, H Boye....are you ready to get to work?"


Was that a grunt?"


What's your deal?"

"Just look at me!!"

"And? What about you?"

"I'm the shabbiest hook you've got. And you keep picking me for everything. It's getting a bit ridiculous.""What do you mean?"

"Last week, you used me to work with Lion Brand Homespun. I may just be a crochet hook, but I know what bulky yarn is. I'm an H for crying out loud!!"

I wanted a denser hat! Using the J was giving me all kinds of holes and-"

"What about the Vinca?""What?"

"The JL Vinca. That yarn is obviously light fingering. And again, you used me."

I....wanted....something a little looser?"

"I think you have a problem."

What do you mean...problem?"

"Hook obsession. I'm old, I'm beat up. Get a new favorite hook! I saw you looking at the Caspian series by Knit Picks yesterday, don't deny it!! You need something else, and you know it."

Yeah, well, they are nice. Wooden hooks. But you can't use a wooden hook for everything!"

"You use a steel hook for everything."

.......Point taken."

"I'm begging you, move on, girl. You are writing patterns now! People will talk if you keep putting down H for the hook required for EVERY project.""But, I don't think you understand. For you, crocheting is a job. For me, it's so much more. It's relaxing, it's challenging, and it's very, very sentimental."

"I don't get it."

Do you remember who you worked with before me?"


My Grandma. The one who taught me to crochet. You were her hook. Her go-to hook. She let me use you when I was learning because she knew you were trusty and steadfast. Then she gave you to me! Ever since I was six, you have been my base-line, my ground zero, my starting point. I try you first for almost every project because you are the best. My favorite. We've been through a lot together."

"Yeah, we have, haven't we?"

Those first, wobbly stitches. Trying to read patterns. Making toys and hats and scarves and purses. You are losing all your color where the yarn rubs on you. There are some pretty horrific gouges on your back from that time I accidentally slammed you in my locker in junior high. Do you think a wooden hook would withstand that kind of abuse?"

"...I guess not."

No, it wouldn't. Every time I've lost you, you found your way back to me. People see your beat-up patina and know you are mine. You have some pretty remarkable accomplishments in those battle-scars. It helps me to remember all the things we've done."

"Gosh. I didn't realize you were such a sappy girl."

I am indeed."

"-sigh- Well, I guess...if I really am that great...we better get to work.""Wonderful! And just so you know, I'm still thinking about those Caspians."

"Good. Maybe I'll get a day off!!"

In your dreams."

"Wishful thinking."

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