Monday, April 28, 2014

Super Stash

I've been doing a bit of yarn sorting lately. Kind of like a Spring Cleaning for crafty people, but more like an excuse to pile all my yarn on the table and gaze at it lovingly.

Despite what you may assume from the pictures, my stash is a lot smaller than I thought it was. I got rid of a lot of stuff before we moved, so I'm really just down to the "good stuff." The wools. The pretties. There's not too much junk acrylic to be seen.

It's kind of a thrill to have all my yarn out in the open. I feel like I should just start at one end of the table and knit/crochet my way to the other end. Like a glorious fiber buffet.

In my sorting, I even updated my Ravelry Stash for super easy viewing. It makes planning projects a breeze, since I get almost all my patterns from Ravelry anyways. All my info is right there! Weight, yardage, dyelot...all ready to be paired up with patterns, hooks, and needles and whisked off into Projectland.

How do you tame your stash?

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