Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"One Skein" Book Review & Another Thrift Score

A bit of a mixed post for you today! A Thrift Score and a book review. Let's get to it!

I was just at Share Stuff last week, but I stopped over there again with my friend who just got a promotion and needed some supah classy clothes. Yay!! You don't have to twist my arm very hard to get me to go thrift shopping. Having just gotten a big haul of clothes last week, I didn't really expect to be buying more.

But. The Winter Sale was still going on. $1 for all coats, sweaters, flannels, button ups, sweatshirts, and hoodies. I know I just got a metric poo ton of sweaters last week, but those were all fancy. Hoodies are totally different, right? Hood life, yo.

Plus, you can't hardly beat getting an article of clothing for a dollar.
 This billowy top was forced upon me pointed out to me by my friend who loves purple. And plaid. And flannel. I think she may have been attempting to live through me. But the shirt is nice, long, and can be worn when I have a big belly. Good stuff. Plus it has bling. Can't go wrong with bling.
The bling
 Normally, I would not go for Hollister stuffs. Because I just am not that kind of girl? Yeah. But this hoodie was brand new and sooooo sooooffftttt. And I just got rid of like five hoodies, so a nice new soft hoodie for a dollar was acceptable.
 This is more my style of sweatshirt. A little militant, a little sassy, and green. Love me some green. The only thing I dislike are the teeny pockets. I need useful pockets. For holding yarn and whatnot.
Beybee sized pockets!
Those three tops set me back $3.06. Woot! Another successful shopping trip. -highfives self-

 Onto the book review! I was meaning to write up a review of this book when I first got it two months ago. But moving. I bought this book off of one of my absolute favorite websites: thriftbooks.com. It was $4 with free shipping. I read reviews of the book on amazon and deemed it worthy of the four dollars. Here's what I think!

 There are a lot of clear pictures, which is always a good sign. In fact, each pattern has at least one photo of it finished up. That's mega bonus good. I hate getting a pattern book that doesn't have pictures for each item. What's the point?!
 There are a lot of projects that I can actually see myself making. Lots of baby clothes and scarves that look simple and pretty. I'd say about 60% of the book consists of things I want to make. The other 40%? Major lame stuff. Some pretty ugly pillows and purses. And a set of felted bowls. If you are into that kind of thing, then great. But furry bowls are a turn off for me. Even if they are "decorative" I can't help but think of the dust and fur and hair and gunk they would attract. Blarg.
Cute scarf with a nice cable. Simple and classy.

One of the ugly bags. Barf.

 Though I haven't tried any of the patterns yet, they seem decently written upon skimming them. Let's hope I don't find horrific errors and start crying and cursing the day I thought the book was good.
Final thoughts: The majority of the book consists of projects I can see myself making and enjoying. The prospect of only requiring one skein of yarn to complete a project is delightful, and I will probably be making a few things from this book in the near future.

Happy Tuesday, friends!
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