Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Darling Deer Hat: A Custom Order

Last in Line: Darling Deer Hat (on Etsy)
Oh deer!
 An adorable custom ordered deer hat for a return customer! Nothing warms me up more than having a customer come back for more. Except perhaps, when they come back in want of a custom order!

Right before the move, a customer contacted me on Etsy in want of a deer hat. This was in fact, the same customer who ordered this unicorn hat before Christmas. I was a bit wary to take on an order, considering the high rate of possibility that I could completely lose the project in the midst of packing and chaos. But this dear lady assured me she was in no rush to get the hat. So we settled to details and I got some yarn and started cracking!

Last in Line: Darling Deer Hat (on Etsy)
Oh, and you get a sneak peek in these pics for tomorrows post! Hehe. Guess what it is?
 I cannot tell you how incredibly pleased I am with the outcome of this hat. She wanted the antlers to be felted, which I thought was super fun. I got to pop them in the washing machine and let the wool work its magic on the spin cycle. Easy peasey, with a super cute turn out. I could not help but take a few pics of the hat at this stage. I love it so much just plain like this!!
Last in Line: Darling Deer Hat (on Etsy)
Such a cute lil Bambi.
The customer wanted some flowers as embellishments, so I may have gone a bit overboard. Not really, but them are some bold blooms, yo! The big one is deep purple with a faded pink center to match the two little flowers. I think it is super whimsical and romantic. Which is good. Yes.
Last in Line: Darling Deer Hat (on Etsy)
I feel like you could wear this hat to a tea party. Flowery and cute.
Last in Line: Darling Deer Hat (on Etsy)
I made up my own pattern for the flowers. Too fun!!
Last in Line: Darling Deer Hat (on Etsy)
Dem antlers, yo. I love.

Last in Line: Darling Deer Hat (on Etsy)
I really didn't want to take it off.
Hopefully she is just as smitten with it as I am. I love lovelovelove LOVE custom orders! Never know what sort of adorable things my customers will dream up. This hat has inspired me to work out a lil baby version of this Darling Deer hat. Keep your eyes peeled!!

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