Thursday, December 5, 2013

Secrets, secrets, are so fun! Unless like me you can't keep one

--> Hello dear friends!

Yesterday I wrote about how well I feel that I am doing in the realm of "Getting All My Crafting Done BEFORE Christmas Eve." It's still going well, but I am starting to feel a bit of anxiety in one department. Namely, the Secret Keeping Department.


-->I love surprises. I really do. Though, let me clarify in case Sailor decides to read this and increase his frequency of attempting to scare me: I like FUN surprises. Not "I just jumped out of another room because I heard you coming and you screamed so loud our windows broke" surprises. Not "Oh dear Arlo wedged himself under the couch and pooped 75% of his body weight" surprises.

No, I like fun ones. Like, "Wow-wee! Someone stalked my Pinterest account and scored me that t-shirt I love but forgot I pinned on my Wishlist board 8 months ago!!" Or "I thought this grocery shopping trip was going to cost $200 dollars but there's a mega sale going on and it only cost $60!!" You know, pleasant ones.

As much as I love fun surprises, I love surprising people even more than I love being surprised. I love to be that person who stalks your Pinterest or Wist or whatever other list-making account in order to get you a sweet gift you forgot you wanted. I love to pop something dorky in the mail so that you can get a kick out of receiving a package shaped like a firework rocket. Love it. I love making you feel special and important. It is the best feeling.


Clearly, my love language is gifting.

I love gifting and the reaction I get when I really and truly surprise someone with something awesome, that I can hardly stand to wait. I want you to be all excited and happy right this very instant. I mean, I have your Christmas present hidden in my closet, and I know you are going to love it and it seems lame that you have to wait for forever until you get to be excited and happy and use the thingamabob I got you. It's hard!! It's not faaaiiirrr.

Am I a two year old? Possibly. Is it really hard for me to keep secrets for too long? Only when I know people are going to be all excited and stuff. So what have I been doing to keep myself relaxed and untwitchy? Uh....nothing. I'm like a dam about to burst. I...may...or may not have dropped a lot of really obvious hints last night to Sailor in regards to what is gift is, which may or may not have resulted in him guessing it. Maybe.

--> Arg! It's so frustrating! It was going to be the first year EVER that I was sneaky enough to get his gift without him even KNOWING and have it hidden until Christmas andandand buuuhhhhhhh. Aw well. I still beat my record for longest amount of time that he has not guessed what I got him. Boyah?


So, moral of the story, STAY STRONG MY FRIENDS. Keep that secret! It's gonna be great!! I believe in you!!!

Yours bad-at-being-secretly,

(Also, did you notice my title rhymes? Wut wut? I'm the man! Well...sort of.)

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