Friday, December 6, 2013

My Priority is Mailing

Yesterday I sold an item on Last In Line's Etsy!! Yaayy!! I have been communicating with a buyer about a custom order, and I almost forgot to check my regular orders. Guess what? The Unicorn Hat was sold! (Which is kind of funny, because I'm working on a custom Unicorn Hat) That meant it was time to get out my supplies and pack that hat up!!
Love this hat
I am a big fan of packaging, branding, and presentation. I love shipping supplies, postage supplies, and essentially everything Uline sells. Yes, even the industrial eye washing stations for factories (think how many Sailor-got-hot-peppers-in-his-eyes-while-making-chilli catastrophes I would have avoided if I had one of those babies). I blame my mother for letting me run the postage meter at her office when I was a wee baby child. She sowed the seeds of shipping design lust.

Because of my packaging obsession, I have very specific and high hopes for the branding I would like Last In Line to have in the future. But for now, I try to make the details count. Someday soonly, I hope I will be able to invest in a few more lil things to make my shipping and packaging really be like whoa.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I love these
 I bought custom fabric labels from SBShop on Etsy a few months ago. I had been yearning to have some for ages. They are very cost effective, and very well made. The owner of SBShop is super nice, and tolerated my waffling back and forth on font choices. (Font is important!!) I would highly recommend purchasing fabric labels from her to anyone. Just a word of warning, she is a one-girl-army, so do not expect instant shipping. If you need your tags in a flash, go order some lead-ribbon ones from Hong Kong. That was harsh, sorry. I just get really peeved when a shop-owner specifically posts that their production time is longer because they do it all on their own and people still give bad reviews. So rude. End rant.

 Another small thing I like to do is write a personal thank you note to each buyer. It's only a few lines long, but it reinforces the idea that you are a human being who made the nifty thing they purchased, not a robot. Plus, I love stationary. And I have this cool stamp from Vistaprint with Last In Line's info on it. I am all over any excuse to use that stamp.

Dawww, it's crooked! So cuuutteee.

I love mini stationary

Lisa Frank stickers, because I'm a grown-up
 There! Almost ready to cram this pretty pony in a box and pop her in the mail! I always toss in at least three of my business cards in hopes that my buyer will get tons of compliments on their hat.

"Ohhhh I love your hat!!"
"Thanks! I got it on Etsy."
"Coooolll. I want one. What shop was it?"
"Uhhh...oh wait! I have her business card! Here!"

We can all dream, right?

Suck it in, pony!!
 Probably my Number 1 thing I love about the internet is shopping and shipping online. I love being able to freaking print my own postage and put my stuff in the mailbox. No biggie, just livin' my life. Etsy has streamlined the postage-printing process recently as well, which makes my days just a little brighter. Now, if only I could stop relying on my packing tape supply and get that nifty DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo High-Speed Postage and Label Printer.

That thing is so fly.
All boxed up!
 I usually ship in Priority Mail Flat Rate small boxes, because often times Etsy doesn't allow me to change a lot of the specifications to allow for First Class or Parcel Post shipping. Which is fine, because, usually, flat rat is cheaper. I stock up on the boxes when I go to the post office.
Annnndddd more stamping.
More about the cupcakes tomorrow ;)

Ready to go!!
 Ready to rock and roll. I think my Mail-Lady hates me a little because I never schedule pick-ups for my packages. I just cram 'em in my mailbox. It's not too bad since I only do it for the small boxes, right? I should probably leave her a nice Christmas gift for putting up with my shenanigans.

What a helpful lil bun!!
Christmas season is shipping season! I need to make a note to stock up on more packing tape. I'm out so I had to glue stick and regular tape my labels onto the boxes. Heh. Hope they stay put!!

Allllright. I'm off to drool over Uline's online catalog again. Tata loves!
Yours busily,

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