Monday, December 30, 2013

A Very Last in Line Christmas

My in-law's tree. Note Spock in the lower right.

Making homemade pizza for lunch on Christmas Eve

Sailor, playing pizza chef.

That darling sister-o-mine


It was so snowy at my parent's house!

Because holidays require board games in my family.

Daddy, making a Prime Rib Roast for dindin

My mom and cousin reading the Christmas story from the bible before our prayer

Dat meat.

Christmas morning

Christmas morning gluten free pancakes by yours truly.

Dat ornament. You know you are jealous of my skillz.

Grandma's Christmas tree

Christmas Lunch at Grandma's

She made me a personal pan of gluten free cheesey tates. Be still, my heart.

The pickle!!

Not only was our holiday full of busy, family joy....but Sailor and I got to announce some thing very very exciting that we learned just before going to visit family....

Our first child. I'm so excited!!!!! It is such an exciting time for us. I'm sure you can expect to be bombarded with craftiness for Baby Z in the near future.

Hope your holiday was beautiful and full of family and love!! And...I hope that you are all recovered from the festivities. Because I'm not. So sleepy!

Yours from the couch,