Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fiber Field Trip: Hank and Purl's in Rochester

 The weekend before our Christmas travels, Sailor and I went in to Rochester, MN to do some looking around. I already told you loves about the other fun yarn shop we went to and I was planning on writing Hank and Purl's up that same week. Then...we found out some exciting news and everything kind of went nuts. So....here is the slightly belated, but still fun, review of Hank and Purl's Creative Nook and Knittery.

We almost blew right by this little shop. It was tucked back in a little strip mall and our gps was being a royal pain. It told us to get back on the freeway in order to exit on the street we were already on and go to this shop. What the heyhey, Garmin?? Despite the technical difficulties, we found Hank and Purl's.

The shop was tiny, but sooooo well-kept. Everything was organized, all the shelves were labeled, and the place was clean. All important things for me!! Despite the lack of floor space, the shop did not feel cramped. There were a couple chairs for crafting in, and waayyyyy more inventory than I imagined when we walked in. It was all so well organized, they could fit tons of stuff without it feeling crowded. A+ in my book.

We (aka, I) shopped around for quite some time there. Sailor is a very patient man, I tell you. Maybe it was because we just had gotten done shopping at a farm-toy-store that we accidentally found that he was on such good behavior.
 Hank and Purl are the shop's mascots. The owner told me that they dress them up for different seasons. Too fun! Here they are all Christmas'd out. Too cute, right?
Hank, sacrificing some wool so Purl can knit.

Purl, knitting away!
 The owner told us a hilarious story about a small boy who was quite curious about Hank and Purl over the summer. Purl was dressed in a bikini in the front window, and while his mom shopped, the lil fellow decided to take a peek down Purl's bottoms to see what was under them when he thought nobody was looking. But the owner caught him. She said that it was all she could do not to burst out laughing. I don't think I would have not been able to control myself.

On to my haul!!

 While we were in the store, the lady who makes these buttons stopped by. I heard her talking about them and was so excited. Local artist! Woot. Double bonus points for that. So, now I need to make a project to go with the button. Haha.

 Some gift tags by KnitBaaPurl. I still have a few gifts to wrap and these little tags were sooo stinkin' cute, I could not pass them up. I mean, come on! I want a tree like that in real life!! Yarnornaments!! Yornaments? Yarnaments? Yarn.

I have three left still. Gotta stow them away for next year!!

So, yeah. Cool store. It is basically the only yarn store I could find in Rochester itself, so if you are ever in that region, stop by and say hullo to Hank and Purl.

Alright. Time. To. Knit. All. The. Baby. Things. And get ready to make lobster tails for the first time. Happy New Year's Eve!!
Yours enthusiastically,


  1. Buuh, you have so many cute yarn shops up by you!

    1. I just dig them up. There are probably some by you, too!! Search dat internet.