Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Game Night

As I mentioned before, my family is big on game nights. Especially as the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, we all love to settle in around the game table (yes, my parents actually have a table dedicated to board games, as well as a significant amount of closet space) and spend the night shouting at each other.

Holidays are especially good for these sorts of activities. I can remember as a wee baby child being jealous of the adults and my older cousins who were allowed to play "big kid games" (aka, Monopoly and Scattergories) at family parties. Whether it's at my parent's house, my grandparents' houses (either one), or with Sailor's family...it's a safe bet that we will be playing games.

Black Friday is not a day on which I want to go out. Lucky for me, my mama hosted a Tastefully Simple party on Black Friday, after which she informed us would be a Risk throwdown. Booyah! I'm in!
G-Free Apple cake at the Tastefully Simple Party
The Tastefully Simple party was crowded! I did not realize my madre was inviting so many peeps! It was nice though. I got to catch up with some folks I had not seen in a while. Plus, my mom had requested that the Tastefully Simple representative bring along a good selection of gluten free things to taste. Perfection! Yumm-o free food and friends? Not much can beat that. If you are doing gluten free and want some truly decadent desserts, I would recommend Tastefully Simple. A word of warning, the mixes are pretty pricey. But yummy. Those brownies. Ohmy. Sogood.
Looong game table and a cracklin' fire
Nothing says festive like a fire in the fireplace
Grandma, roasting mallows
World domination

My clever skills and astounding gracefulness caused me to dump my entire cup of water onto the table within the first two minutes of sitting down. My yarn was soaked! Good thing we had a fire.
Nice and toasty

Crocheting, eating, and taking over the world with my family. Who could ask for more? Not I. No sir. Does your family get wild and crazy when you play board games? Is there serious trash talk like we throw down? It can get pretty cray when we all decide to game it up.

Yours competitively,

Dat bunny lump

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