Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiva-Hanuk-Birthda-December-kkah!!


I'm not sure whether to be excited or scared. Probably a little of both. I've lived my while life in the Midwest, but in March Sailor and I moved farther north than either of us have ever lived. This will be our first full winter here. Ehhh....

I trust you lovely-loves had a wonderful Thanksgiving (and Hanukkah and my birthday, if you were celebrating any of those on the 28th). Sailor and Bunn-ster and I had a busy but enjoyable time. Lots of food, lots of pictures, lots of laughing. T'was nice.

The aftermath of our Thanksgiving meal
This weekend, we stayed with my in-laws who surprised me with a big basket of gluten-free tasty treats for my birthday! And a really nice hoodie. And yarn. It was delightful. I sampled some coconut cookies and the Gluten-Freeda oatmeal already. Both are awesome, lemme tell you. I guess my mother-in-law did a lot of research and ordered a ton of stuff online for me. She was excited to see if I liked it all. So far, it's all highly enjoyable!

My maternal Grandmother hosted Thanksgiving. She is a very accomplished cook, so it is always wonderful to eat a meal made by her. This being my first gluten-free holiday....I was a bit nervous. It can be daunting to go over to someone's house and not know what is in all the food even if the cooks mean well and blahblahblahanxiety. My grandma called me about two weeks ago and told me she was going to do a gluten free Thanksgiving meal for me!! EXCITEMENT. I went over early to help her cook and set up. It was fantastic. I cannot emphasize enough how awesome it is to know that almost every dish was safe to eat. Holla at me Celiacs if you know what I'm sayin'!

I'm new to this whole g-free game, so it was extra special. Plus, not only was it my first holiday gluten free, it was also my first birthday gluten free. A double whammy of g-tastic temptations. My mom and sister colaborated on supplying me with a pan of g-free brownies (from a Tastefully Simple g-free brownie mix). I've had the brownie mix before, but it was no less awesome this time around. SO FUDGEY. SO GOOD. Everyone else at the party enjoyed them as well. My Grandpa could not even tell they weren't "normal" brownies! Woot!

The pan of nomnoms
I had three pieces. Shhh. Don't tell.
My family always plays some card or board games when we all get together; probably one of my favorite family traditions. It's great. Eat all the good food, then laze around and laugh and pay games. This year it was golf (which I didn't play, because I don't remember how) and Telestrations. The latter is a hilarious game that combines telephone and Pictionary. Kind of. Whenever we play Telestrations, it ends with us laughing so hard we cry. I recommend it.

Playing golf in the living room
How was your holiday? Got some old or new traditions that just warm your heart? Some fun g-free holiday dish you love? Did you let your bunny play with a Teddy Roosevelt action figure in an army jeep? I sure did. That's right, you heard me.

Arlo was a little skeptical at first...
...But he and Teddy got along in the end
Yours festively,

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