Saturday, December 21, 2013

Halfway to Hipster: Meet my Dear Friend

So, I have this friend, right? That's how all cool stories should start.

But for real, I have this friend.

We met during my first year of college, way back in 2010. A bazillion years ago. I had moved all my stuff into my dorm room in the Fine Arts dorm building, and was ready to make friends and break stuff. Because I'm totally bad-a. I was rooming with a friend from high school, and another friend from high school lived across the hall, so I wasn't alone alone. But my across the-hall friend was a music major, so being an art major myself, we had 0 classes together. And my roommate was planning her wedding which was to take place in July, so she was supah busy! I needed some crazy cool peeps to keep me from lighting things on fire/help me light things on fire. I was on the hunt.

In the midst of the craziness of move in, I overheard some girls talking.

"You SHOULD!! You totally SHOUUULLLDD!!"

"I will. Believe me. Imma put pictures of my cat on EVERYONE'S door."

What? These girls sounded fun! But they were gone before I could tackle them and force them to be my friends.

Cue bus ride across campus.

The first weekend of freshman year at our university was filled with meet-and-greets and parades and orientations and free sno cones. Lots of events. One of those events took place all the way across campus. Buses came and pick us up to take us to the far-away-land of the Convocation Center. While we were all on that bus, I heard a girl say, "No for real, I love my cat. I'm going to put pictures of him on everyone's door."


"HEEEYY!!!" I shouted, "YOU LIVE ON MY FLOOORRR!! I heard you guys talking about cat pictures before and hi. I'm Carolyn."

Because that's not creepy.

Which, I guess it wasn't, because we became very good friends.

Her name is Becca and she is a very awesome glittery fun girl. We had many college adventures during my 2.03 years there. All nighters, Snowpocalypse, climbing onto roofs, milkshakes, shammy shakes, weekend brunches, ya know. The normal stuff. She is super smart, super talented, and super crafty. She stood up for me in my wedding, put up with my constant presence in her dorm room and later in her apartment. She allows me to call her Boochacha, BuchaLucha, Bookah Dookah Doray, and all sorts of other ridiculous names. Even in public!

And guess what? She has a really cool blog.

One of her incredible skills in life is the ability to go thrift shopping and find something super ugly and make it super awesome.

Perhaps you are saying, "But, everyone does that now. It's totally mainstream!! There's a song about it!!"

Well, hush your lil mouth, because letmetellyou, this girl goes above and beyond the run-of-the-mill pinterest farm-type "refashionistas." Seriously! Check out her blog: Halfway to Hipster and see for yourself.
Seriously, I love this girl. I am so blessed to have her as my friend. And to have been able to go thrifting with her in real life. And to watch her draw gosh....that girl has mad skills yo.

Such a blessing to have super creative friends.

Do you have some crazy-cool friends?