Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gluten Free: Hyvee & Trader Joes

 On Saturday, Sailor and I took a little trip to a couple of towns to check out a couple grocery stores that have bigger gluten free selections than the ones in town here. We went to HyVee and Trader Joe's. I was a little disappointed in HyVee's selection. The HyVee we used to go to before had a huuugggeee selection of health foods and g-free stuffs. The one we went to was a bit lacking in the g-free department, but I was still happy with what I found!!

 My haul at HyVee: three cans of Gluten-Free Cafe soup, Eater's Digest Peppermint Tea, Rice Works brown rice chips, and Angie's Dark Chocolatier Sea Salt Kettle Corn. I forgot to picture the g-free cocoa rice krispies I got as well. Had some of them for breakfast this morning!! Yum-city!!

I could not resist cracking the kettle corn opened. I mean, really. Look at this stuuuffff. And it's certified g-free!! I call that a win. Salty sweety goodness without any fear.

On to Trader Joe's! Neither Sailor nor I had ever been to a Trader Joe's, but I have heard that this is a great place to look for g-free stuffs. And it was indeed that!! I was astounded that their generic brand of almond milk, kefir, and g-free pasta were so much cheaper than what I am used to paying. I am one happy lil Celiac-stricken thug.

Where do you like to shop for gluten free goods?

Yours hungrily,

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