Monday, January 5, 2015

100th Post and a Sad Story

 So, this is my 100th blog post!! I kind of feel like I need to jam out about this for some reason. Even though my posts have been very very sporadic and I know fo sho I ain't krumpin' yet.

As the title states, I have a sad story to relate to all ya'll out in blogland. Once upon a time I felt really spiffy and on top of stuff. I had all these posts scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving leading up to a grand rendition of #GlutenFreeFriday in which I was to discuss all of the various ways to make your Thanksgiving meal safe for Celiacs. It was all typed and had pictures and a slideshow and a jet fly-over and glitter and yes. It was scheduled. I swear it was scheduled! But then.


For some reason I went back in to the post to edit a picture. After editing, the post unscheduled itself and went to draft mode. And I didn't notice until, oh...Thanksgiving Day. Oops. Big old fail. I was so bummed and distressed by this turn of events that I decided I was clearly to distracted to work at the blog until the holidays were behind me.

And now they are. So. Here we go! New year. New adventures. That's going to be my theme for the next year, I think. Trying new things and pushing forward into new realms. Blah blah blah feelings.

In other news, The Narwhal Hat continues to be my most popular pattern in the shop. Who can resist this dapper fellow??

This particular hat was made as a custom order and just finished up yesterday. I really never get tired of making these for people. They are so fun. Even though my shop only had instant download patterns right now, I am always open for custom orders of finished objects. 

Oh, another sad thing: Sewinique Boutique is no longer opened on Etsy!! My label maker that I raved about. Guess it'll be time somewhat soon to find a new one. Shoot me some reccomendations, if you have them.

Pensive about the year ahead, a girl and her Narwhal Hat inspect the snow.
Hope your holiday celebrations were lovely and full of joy. Looking forward to another year of crafting with you!!


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