Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thrift Score: Fabric Bonanza

 I am super excited about this thrift score: $3 for ALL THIS FABRIC. Can you believe it? Well, you better believe it. Because it's true. It's what happened.

Sailor and I found this adorable little thrift shop. It's a Christian run little shop called Calvary Thrift. It is super well organized, the prices are incredibly low, and it smells good. I don't think I can emphasize that last point enough. At least the day we went there, the place smelled really good. IT smelled like clean flowers and delicious rainstorms. Such a rare thing when it comes to a thrift store.

They had a big table full of fabric right at the front of the store. It was just $3 to fill a huge bag! Most of the fabric I selected was upholstery fabric. I grabbed some sheers too. Think I'm going to make some scarves out of the sheer stuffs!! 

I've got a lot of plans for bags and whatnot with all this fabric. I just need to get in contact with someone out here who will let me borrow their sewing machine for endless hours of seam-steaming fun.

I was drawn to these freaky calves on the flannel. Are they frolicking? Are they falling? Where are their eyes?? What's up with their hooves?!? So many important questions. The most important of which is: what am I going to do with this? I'm thinking +Becca Lynn is going to get some weird cow related thing.

Got any projects going on? Had any big thrift scores?

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