Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Something I Never Thought I Would do...

These last few days have been full of activities I never really thought I would do. As you know, I debuted on Twitter yesterday which is something I never really thought I'd be into. But I did it, and now @LastinLineShop is a real-deal Tweet factory. The other major "never woulda thunk I'd be doing this" activity is drying berries.

That's right. Dehydrating dem yum-o red, red Raspberries.  Raspberries that apparently produce fruit here until it snows. Crazy! But yummy.

I was kind of adverse to the idea of drying fruit-type stuff. Why not just eat it all? Drying seemed like extra, silly work in my mind. Oh how wrong I was.

I found myself once again the recipient of the benevolent +Pyper Jean's produce and was a bit overrun with fruit. Which is by no means a complaint. I seriously cannot get enough raspberries. But seeing as my freezer is currently packed to the gills with other produce courtesy of my friend, I needed to either eat them all or....

...dry them.

Now, Pyper reassured me that the berries are amazingly wonderfully delicious once dried. To convince me 100%, she had me try some she had dried. I will admit, I was skeptical; but, holy moly, mother of sweet berry goodness were they delicious!! They start out tasting a tiny bit bitter, then the flavor blossoms into this deep, tart, concentrated berry bomb in your mouth. No exaggeration.

Well, maybe a little exaggeration, but they are yummy, and that's what matters.

So, thoroughly convinced that drying the fruit was the way to go, I was sent on my merry way with a dehydrator to borrow and a bucket of berries. 10ish hours later, my sweet treats were ready. Mhhhhhhh.

Who'd a thunk?

Super easy, super yummy. In my mind that's a win.

Have you ever dried berries?

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