Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hexipuffs: A Dangerous Addiction

Another thrift score: my $2 blue vase for hexipuffs

My dear friend +Kait Murphy introduced me to Hexipuffs right before we moved out here. I did not have any time to start a new project. After settling in for a couple days and completing another, larger project, I decided it would be fair to give these little puffs a try. Kait and I had agreed to do a puff-for-square trade to help both of us make progress on our respective blankets.

Little did I know when embarking on this adventure, how quickly I'd become obsessed with it.

 The puffs are super cute, super easy, and super instantly gratifying. I know quite a few people are on the hexipuff bandwagon. There are whole Ravelry groups dedicated to these lil pillows. Kait is working towards eventually making a Beekeeper's Quilt with all her puffs. I admire her courage, though I could never rival it. I have far too many unfinished blankets in my UFO pile to start a slightly insane one such as this.

But they are fun to play with. :)

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