Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blue Ombre Crochet Basket

Blue Ombre Basket

Before we had completed Phase #1 of our move, I decided that it was more important to make some decor for our new apartment than to packing boxes. So I settled in on the couch and pulled out some vintage yarn. I had been planning on getting rid of this yarn when we moved. While I enjoyed the colors, it was taking up too much room in my stash. I had three skeins of each color and they just didn't make the cut when up against beautiful wool. But when I decided to make this basket, I knew it was the poifect yarn.

Blue Basket
Ombre is probably on its way out of style, but I don't care: I love it!!

"Why a basket?" You might ask. Well, while prowling through Pinterest and Ikea for clever ideas on how to decorate our new abode in style, I found myself being attracted to storage baskets tucked neatly under side tables. Now, some of those cute lil cubbys featured hefty price tags. But why?! They are just baskets!! Being savvy, crafty, and motivated by not wanting to pack, I decided to crank out some of my own baskets.

I crocheted with all three strands of each color together to make a nice sturdy fabric. I am very fond of the outcome: vintagey and useful. It also kind of has a beachy feel, which is fine by me. I have always wanted a breezy, nautical themed home. Even though it's the middle of winter. And I live in a landlocked state. And will be moving to another landlocked state. But hey. I have my dreams, and I'm sticking with them!

Crochet basket handle
Think of all the things I can carry around in here!!

For the edging, I did reverse single crochet (aka crab stitch). I looove love love love the way this looks and the tight, corded edge it makes. I've used it on baby blankets before as well. It reminds me of the look of the edging on those woolen blankets from the Southwest. So chunky and nice. Mhmhmhmhmh. Edging.

Ombre Crochet Basket
Those tight stitches, yo

A close up of the corded edge

Ombre Crochet Basket
So much room for storage!!

Ombre Crochet Basket
Perfect for yarn stashing. And, as a plus, I can select matching yarn to stow in it. Decorating!!
I will probably use this basket to tuck some magazines and maybe a few skeins of yarn under a side table in our living room. I'm leaning towards one of Ikea's "Lack" side tables because they are so affordable and spiffy. Maybe in grey? Depends on what color couch we get, I guess. This pregnancy thing just makes me want to decorate everything. Is that normal? I'm not complaining, (because who doesn't like to have a cute living space?) but just curious if decorating counts as a nesting instinct.

Hope you all had a sweet Valentine's Day!! I know I did.

Yours craftily,
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