Monday, November 25, 2013

Hi Friends!!

Welcome to my introductory post! Drop me a fat beat and we'll get started. No? No? Anybody? Okay. I'm Carolyn Michelle, the nerd behind Last in Line Shop on Etsy. I love yarn. I love crafting. And I'm pretty talkative.

I've had Etsy shops on and off since 2006. I love having an outlet to sell my creative projects. Last In Line is my latest shop. It's shiny, fun, and features mostly crocheted accessories. Lots of narwhals. I've been crocheting since I was 6 years old thanks to a Grandma who finally gave in to my pestering and taught me how to do what she was doing. Besides my Grandma, my mother, younger sister, and aunt also crochet. I love hanging out with them and gettin' crafteh.

Many of my close friends have been forced to learn also learned to crochet. High School friends will remember insane parties at my parents house (dubbed 'Fiber Freaks') at which I taught many people to make things with string. College comrades will recall a weekly meeting group in the basement of the dorm (known as 'Hookers of Yarnia') where the general public got access to yarn and whatnot and were able to learn to crochet, learn to knit, or just hone their craft. Tons of fun.

One of the posters made for Hookers of Yarnia.

I recently learned to knit, so you can be prepared for some crazy ridiculous posts about the learning process. It's been interesting so far.

Awww yeaahhh.

In addition to crafting, I do other things. I'm married to a spectacular fellow who allows one of our rooms to be devoted to yarn and craft supplies. I have a Mini Holland Lop named Arlo. My BunBun.

Widdle Babuuu!!
I've traveled overseas twice, I know how to ride a horse, I speak Spanish (sort of) and know about 100 words in Russian. I love languages, history, tea, and wolves. And reading. And parties. And dresses. I have weird gut problems because I have Ulcerative Colitis and Celiac Disease, both of which are somewhat recent developments. So, I'm adjusting to a gluten-free life. Crazy stuff, yo.

(As a side note, if you have any super-awesome gluten free recipes, feel free to shout out. Because I love to cook and love trying new things. Same goes for places to eat that are gluten free. I love to talk so don't be scared to offer tips at any time.)

I hope you enjoy this lil bloggy adventure and all my random musings. I plan to post regularly about my ongoing craft projects, fiber-related field trips, gluten-free food, and all that jazz. Feel free to chime in with thoughts, tips, questions, or comments.

Yours faithfully,
Carolyn Michelle

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