Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fiber Field Trip: Unwind Yarn Shop

The last lil bit of info about my trip to Minneapolis last weekend is another fiber field trip!! This time, it's to a local yarn shop (lys) in one of the suburbs of Minneapolis. I did a little research (as is my tendency) on yarn shops in the area, and found one that looked intriguing to me. It was called Unwind Yarn Shop.

Located in Burnsville, Unwind was not too long of a trek for me. I went out there on Sunday after having successfully found my way to Bittersweet Gluten Free Bakery on Saturday. I was feeling pretty confidant. I wrote down the google.maps directions and the address, hopped into the ridiculously enormous van, and rolled out.

For some odd reason, the directions went uber wack-o just a block before I arrived at the shop. I was all, "Hmm...this seems odd, but I trust you, Google" and merrily followed the directions. Which landed me in....a subdivision. Uhm. No. So, I fired up the Garmin (Aka, Carmin the Garmin) and crossed my fingers that it would know where I was.

Sailor and I have had this recurring trouble with Carmin: she stops working in Minneapolis. Not like, "oops, plug it in the battery is low" stops working, but rather all out, total failure, "hope you brought a real map cuz you is LOST, yo" stops working. Last time we were in the Twin Cities, Carmin told us we were 14 hours away from our destination, and that we needed to exit Wisconsin and head to Canada.

Lucky for me, Carmin pulled through. Maybe it was because we were in a suburb. Or maybe it was because the GPS knew I would break it if it didn't get me to a yarn shop. Regardless, I arrived unscathed and ready to shop. I was full of inspiration from the Textile Center.

Photo (c) Unwind Yarn Shop
Photo (c) Unwind Yarn Shop

I found the shop to be a clean, festive place with a veryvery large array of yarns. They yarns were all very well organized and displayed in white cubby shelves (which I like, because colors pop better on white blahblahblah color theory). They offered lots of bulkies and sock yarns. I did not notice many local yarns, but then again, I was totally distracted by the large bin of clearance items towards the register.

I had the place to myself (probably because it was a Sunday morning) and chatted pleasantly with the nice lady who was working. We discussed our confusion regarding the "ruffle yarn" fad, wood versus metal needles, and other yarny whatnot. Very nice. In the end, I came away with one skein of yarn and a set of needles with which to do magic loop socks (aka two at a time socks). Very successful shopping trip, if I do say so myself!

Lovely superwash wool for a scarf I'm planning.
Dat greeeeeennnn.
Stick 'em with the pointy end.
So, Minneapolis was a lovely trip! Got to hang out with a friend, hang out with my hubby, get some gluten-free nomnoms, and get my fiber-nerd on. Funfun. Do you visit any lys when you go a-roaming? Have you ever been to Unwind Yarn Shop?

Alrighty. Gotta get packin'!! We leave tonight for our MY BIRTHDAY Thanksgiving festivities!! I do not think you will be hearing mucho from me in the next few days. I'll be gettin' mah turkey on with the fam. And wearing my birthday tiara. Because my birthday is tomorrow. Were you aware? You are now. Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!
Yours in celebration,
Carolyn Michelle

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